Pineapples taste even better thanks to CaTs®!

CaTs is increasingly being used by pineapple growers in Costa Rica and the results have been really positive.

​As a calcium and sulfur source, CaTs is providing key nutrients, increasing shelf life, and improving yields

The application of CaTs as a calcium and sulfur source improves fruit quality and helps to obtain a stable and integrated internal fruit condition with optimal color.

CaTs has a direct impact on the improvement of the quality of the fruits. This is because calcium strengthens the cellular structure of the pulp and the shell of pineapples.

CaTs provides key nutrients and acts as an effective soil amendment

CaTs improves fruit firmness and strengthens the cell structure, hence increasing shelf life

CaTs increases resistant during transport and therefore improves yields

Download our CaTs Application guide​​ here

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