About us

About us

Tessenderlo Kerley International supplies value-added liquid, soluble and solid plant nutrition in order to support growers in realizing efficient and sustainable agriculture. We are the leading producer of sulfur-based fertilizers.

Our global team of agronomists and commercial advisers is characterized by a strong customer focus and has an outstanding heritage, as we are able to build on the 100 years of expertise at Tessenderlo (in solid and soluble potassium based fertilizers) and the 70 years of expertise at Kerley (in liquid fertilizers).

Our dedication to give farmers the precise tools needed to push their crops is at the very heart of what we do. Our portfolio consists of well-recognized specialty fertilizers such as SoluPotasse®, Thio-Sul®, KTS®, CaTs®, K-Leaf®, etc., in which we continuously invest in terms of innovation, product development and support. This is how we can guarantee that all our interventions - whether by our products, our experts or our advisers – will create maximal output: i.e. a better yield for crops, more control for farmers and a healthier planet for everyone.

Our products are manufactured at 14 strategic locations throughout Europe and the United States in order to provide the best service to our customers. All our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and thoroughly tested by our staff of expert agronomists to ensure our products meet the high expectations of today’s farmers.

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What we believe in
Health, sustainability and innovation at the core of our business

Sustainable food production, security and water scarcity continue to be amongst the world’s most important issues. The global population is expected to grow to over nine billion by 2050. This means that advances in agricultural technologies must be realized if we are to meet the expected nutritional requirements of our world. Our research into crop production focuses on using cutting edge technologies coupled with conservation and efficient management practices that will nurture crop life and contribute to sustaining the continuously growing population. ​

We ensure our products are made with specific consideration in terms of how they interact with the environment. We provide the framework for achieving goals such as minimizing nutrient loss and alleviating the effects of nutrient runoff into waterways by using the right products, at the right time, at the right rate, and at the right place. Our products minimize adverse environmental impacts of agriculture and support a future of responsible and sustainable growing. ​

We are part of Tessenderlo Group

Every Molecule Counts

Tessenderlo Group is driven by a bold and inspiring vision: We want to ensure that life on our planet will thrive by helping to create a world that makes the most of its resources. This vision entails growing more food than ever before, using water as intelligently as possible, tackling the world’s shortage of natural resources and creating value from bio-residuals.

We aim to fully understand what is happening in the world around us and ascertain how we can build the business of tomorrow by successfully addressing those issues. In order to achieve this objective we realize that we need to do things in new ways.

Behind everything we do lies a simple philosophy: Every Molecule Counts. This tagline defines our unique attitude to sustainability and practical innovation. It encompasses the power of an idea or action, however small, to change the world.

Tessenderlo Group continually strives to find more sustainable solutions. We thereby aim to minimize our ecological footprint and to maximize the contribution of our products in the evolution towards achieving a green economy. We offer various products and environmentally friendly solutions, in which we typically reclaim and transform by-products from other industries.

Whether it is in the products and solutions we supply or the way in which we produce them, the care we show towards our planet and its resources is at the very heart of all our businesses. This is because we believe that Every Molecule Counts.

2019 marked the 100th anniversary of Tessenderlo Group. To commemorate this impressive milestone, the group published a book and created a special website, highlighting 100 remarkable facts relating to the history of Tessenderlo: www.100yearstessenderlo.com.