Follow Raoul on a Field day in Los Mochis Sinaloa

The field visits do not stop, even not in COVID-19 times 

The activities in the field do not stop, now the planning of these activities is more careful and with fewer people. The farmers visited are opinion leaders in that region and the results are shared with them in demonstration plots of corn and potatoes. 

Our North Sinaloa Area Manager, Raul Ahumada, share experiences and knowledge of Tessenderlo Kerley products. The prospect clients are Mr. Juan Alonzo Flores Vega, grower of grain crops and Mr. Felipe de Jesus Fong Parra, grower of grain and vegetable crops. 

Corn and potato crops in the region of Los Mochis Sinaloa area are 120,000 hectares of corn and 9,000 hectares of potatoes This is a great potential in the use of KTS®, CaTs®, Thio-Sul, Mag-Thio® and Nitro-Sul®. 

Both farmers use liquid fertilization, thiosulfates and micronutrients but most of its fertilization is granular (physical and chemical mixtures). 

With both farmers, Raoul visited plots, to check the moisture in the soil, germination of the corn seed, vegetative development of potato, etc. Together with the farmer we decide the best management of their crop with our products and other sources of fertilizers. 

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